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“It’s an apt title, since their songs are great examples of where indie rock should be headed. Check out ‘And So It Goes’–it’s just perfect.”

Entertainment Weekly

“…catchy, trashy dance-pop, with synths that reference New Order and other glossy bands of the past, but made cheap and dirty. ‘And So It Goes’ is enlivened by the combination of a drum machine disco beat with some cannily played live drums.”


“Tapped by many to be the next leaders of the ongoing dance-rock revival, Burnside Project use guitars and grooves to create endearing, irony-free songs.” (Read the entire interview here.)

Big Shot

“The Burnside Project makes dance beats New Order synthesizer style and tops them with Richard Jankovich’s vocals…It’s a fine example of good electronic pop.”

New York Post

“Sweet vocal harmonies, guitars that jump from clean to walls of distortion, live and programmed drums–it’s a good formula…perfectly balanced.”

Music For Robots

“…a complex, yet immediately infectious indie pop record with a smorgasbord of bloops and bleeps in all the right places.” (Read the entire interview here.)


“…a successful cohesion of admirable electronics with the sophisticatedly hopeful indie boy band. Maybe opposites can attract.”

The Tripwire

“…frenetic funk fiddling, ecstatic regret. Proof that love hangovers sound good at any bpm. Grade = A-.”


“Nobody told these dudes garage guitars and hip hop beats don’t mix; maybe that’s how they make it work.”

The Fader

February 2003 Hot List (Editors Choice)

Rolling Stone

“…more surprising, more unique and more revitalizing. The disparate styles naturally meld into one style: Burnside style.”


“…the feel of an IDM record. They offset this computer noodling with a strong pop sensibility and winning contributors.”


“They have brilliantly nailed the rendering of the untamed interior of the early 21-st century American head.”

Time Out New York

“…one-upping Beck, Burnside Project holds their own. It’s pure indie rock wrapped in electronic beats–not easily pulled off but one they make work.”

Rolling Stone

“By far, one of the coolest new things I’ve heard. An amazing release.”

Shredding Paper


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